We have considerable flexibility

CFF’s Investment Criteria

Capital for Founders (CFF) makes $1 Million to $3+ Million investments in Founder-operated businesses with a history of profitability and multiple opportunities for growth. We have considerable flexibility in industry and business model, and believe that the capabilities of the individual(s) running the business and business growth opportunities are two of the most important factors.

Typical CFF investment criteria includes:

  • Founder owned or controlled business
  • Adjusted EBITDA of at least $500,000
  • Business to business model, NOT business to consumer
  • Sustainable competitive advantage via proprietary technology or processes, established market position, or similar
  • Geography: United States

Outside CFF’s investment parameters: Real Estate; Energy Exploration; Turnarounds; Start-Ups

Example Industries and Markets:

CFF considers a wide variety of entities with a business-to-business sales model, examples include:

  • Test/Measurement/Reliability
  • Software of all types
  • Wireless (In building/campus, specialized wide area networks, personal area networks)
  • HVAC/Building controls/Automation
  • Avionics/Aerospace
  • Photonics/Lasers and enabled products
  • Other niche product manufacturers and/or service providers