About Capital for Founders

Andy Drenick

Andy Drenick, Managing Director

Capital for Founders was first created as a Sole Proprietorship in 2013 by Andy Drenick to make investments in privately held, founder-run businesses. Originally an engineering graduate from Colorado School of Mines, Andy was leading engineering and operations at an alternate energy business when the business started sinking towards bankruptcy. Realizing that being skilled in engineering and operations did not guarantee business success, Andy returned to business school and graduated from Stanford’s MBA program in 1991 with the intent of becoming a CEO.

Shortly after business school, Andy migrated to Inovonics Wireless, where he joined the Co-Founders in growing the business from $3 Million in revenue to over $30 Million. Along the way, he became CEO and ultimately managed an auction process that resulted in a $45 Million exit to Roper (NYSE: ROP).

After leaving Inovonics and while on sabbatical, Mr. Drenick was recruited in December 2007, to turn around Qualmark Corporation, at the time, a thinly traded public company. Following survival mode work to endure the 2008 financial crisis, the turnaround ultimately succeeded and provided a multifold return to investors when the business was sold to ESPEC in December of 2015.

Following the sale of Qualmark, Capital for Founders LLC was formed as a Colorado LLC in 2016. In addition to Mr. Drenick’s full-time efforts, CFF utilizes an extensive network of business advisers to assist its efforts and portfolio companies as appropriate.

Peter Edwards

Peter L. Edwards, Legal Counsel
Fairfield and Woods, P.C., Denver, CO

Peter Edwards has been involved actively in the capital markets, as a lawyer and professional investor, for over 20 years. He helped launch Altira Group, one of the foremost energy technology venture capital firms. While he was there, the Group raised nearly $300 Million in capital and made 80 investments in 40 companies. His law practice focuses on capital markets, M&A, and growth-stage companies.

Rudy Rudolph

Cristian Gonzales, Accountant
Partner at Seghetti Waxler CPA

  • 10+ years of public accounting experience, including audit and tax work
  • Comprehensive tax planning/preparation, and valuations for small to midsize businesses, and investment funds