Why Capital for Founders?

Information for Business Founders

Successful Business Founders have a unique capability, what Capital for Founders (CFF) likes to call “Founder’s Magic” – that unique ability of select individuals to beat the odds and start, and then grow their own business into a sustainable entity. These businesses are often built with limited outside capital and at a certain point, may benefit from an infusion of outside capital with active board-level involvement to assist in reaching the next level, and ultimately, a successful exit. If this describes your business and interest, CFF can help.

Andy Drenick, CFF’s Managing Director, has been involved with Founder-run businesses for the majority of his professional life. He has run and profitably exited two businesses, and assisted Founders, both formally and informally, in many others.

Why consider Capital for Founders?

As a successful business, you have choices for raising capital. However, many capital providers require control, have terms that threaten ongoing dilution of your ownership level, and/or unduly constrain your business. If you seek to continue to control your own destiny, but desire capital and a high-level business partner, CFF may be the right choice for you. CFF provides capital and accepts a minority position. In return, we ask for a fair valuation and an investment agreement that protects CFF’s interest as a minority owner.

Capital for Founders can provide $1 Million to $3+ Million in debt or equity funding to pursue new markets, develop new products or services, make a tuck in acquisition, and/or enhance your marketing and sales capabilities to drive new customer acquisition. Why not partner with a known quantity and take your business to the next level?

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