Trusted Growth Partner

Capital for Founders makes $1 Million to $3+ Million investments in founder-operated businesses that have a history of profitability and multiple opportunities for growth.

Capital for Founders (CFF) does not seek control; in fact, we want Founders to continue running their businesses. By providing capital and active board level involvement, CFF seeks to assist Founders in accelerating business growth and maximizing exit value.

CFF is not an angel investor. Rather, it is a fund whose members are all “accredited investors” under SEC regulations. CFF focuses on businesses that sell business-to-business, have a competitive edge (which often results from having proprietary technology or processes), and are seeking patient and supportive capital. CFF seeks to participate at the board level of each investee company.

Connecting capital
with the right
business founders

The members and affiliates of CFF have experienced many typical challenges faced by growing businesses, such as management team development, business strategy, transaction negotiations, marketing strategies/sales tactics, managing growth, and financial management. If you would like to explore a possible investment in your business, please contact us to have an informal, introductory discussion.

The markets in which CFF invests are diverse but share certain features: stability, social responsibility, and good potential for achieving attractive margins and revenue growth through effective management.